Media Unlimited (Pvt)

Media Unlimited (Pvt.) Ltd has been established with the objective to engage in the production of television content and marketing for “N-Vibe TV” in Pakistan.

N-Vibe has been set up as an independent and private global satellite television channel in the Far East to fulfill the entertainment needs of television viewers primarily in Pakistan, South Asia, Europe, Middle East and Near East.
Our content includes specific segments catering to each form of entertainment, categorized as follows;

• Entertainment / Infotainment
• Current Affairs / News
• Fashion / Lifestyle
• Food and Culinary Art
• Arts & Crafts / Painting / Sculpture / Book Review / Poetry / Heritage
• Theatre / Dance / Movie & Classical Shot)
• Comedy / Sitcom / Teleplays
• Music / hosted shows
• Game shows
• Sports highlights
• Road shows
• Flexi slots will be available for new concepts

The 24 hours global team will also support additional specific regional beams to cover specific countries like Pakistan, Middle East, Bangladesh, UK, China etc. which will be specific to each territory in local languages, to ensure optimum viewership as a part of Vibe bouquet.

The Total Number of Countries Covered so far are 131. Vibe now goes global with the signing of an agreement with Opus Media PLC/UK WITH, AOL, Time Warner, Google, Tiscali, and Media Zone as ISP partners taking n-Vibe right across the world by about the middle of September 2006.

Opus Media PLC: Takes Vibe after our signing of our agreement with them in June, 2006 to the entire world on all IP based options such as television/ cable/internet based computers / laptops right across the world by about the middle of September 2006.

Vibe has already signed and holds operational content sharing associate agreements with recognized international broadcasting houses (i.e. BBC (UK), DW (Germany), CCTV (China) etc.